Since its inception in 2000, Gulf Access LLC has grown from strength to strength as one of the leading service providers in the UAE carrying out comprehensive support to diverse markets which include financial services, infrastructure development, trading and indenting, professional consulting services as well as biomedical and energy solutions.real money casino With several years of experience in creating a powerful legacy in this expertise, our long-standing leadership and track record of success in bringing excellence on the work we deliver while creating exceptional customer experience has been proven through the years. This resulted to establish a stronger and broader network of customers and partnerships dealing with the most sophisticated projects and delivering solutions with passion, dedication as well as great professionalism.


Over the years, Gulf Access gained an extensive portfolio of successful projects operating primarily in the infrastructure sector such as Roads & Highways, Bridges & Municipal Facilities, as well as Urban Planning. What makes us distinguished is our can-do attitude and culture which equips us not only to deliver a project but most especially, exceed customer expectations. Recognized as an industry leader with a reputation for innovation, quality and integrity, the company has continuously met the ever-changing needs of diverse customers all over the globe. Although our roots are in the UAE, Gulf Access has been consistently penetrating new markets, supplying the highest quality raw materials, intermediate chemicals and finished products locally and internationally.


The rapid growth and development of Gulf Access stem from creating a culture that fosters trusted and collaborative partnerships among our clients and partners with a great focus on fulfilling their needs. With proven abilities to maintain a competitive edge, our strong workforce will constantly consolidate our strengths in pioneering innovation, achieving unparalleled service and delivering top-notch solutions.


To provide a shared sense of purpose, direction and opportunity, Gulf Access has formulated its mission statement :

  • Endeavor to provide quality, timely and reliable response to our principals and customers.
  • Continually educate ourselves of the various products, services and chemical field through in-house training programs and forums.
  • Quantifying the to-be achievements and once quantified attaining them in a defined time frame.
  • Bring positive changes by diminishing our weaknesses and enhancing the strengths.
  • Conveying accurate market information to our principals & customers.


To establish ourselves as the global benchmark in building innovative businesses and long-term partnerships across diverse sectors by delivering integrated service and sustainable solutions.