With healthcare systems driving for greater efficiency and sustainability, Gulf Access takes pride in the quality of our in-vitro diagnostic solutions which improve the diagnosis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection, sexually transmitted diseases and other chronic illnesses. Through the years, we have helped several hospitals, private clinical laboratories medical professionals and individuals to provide in-depth details required to increasingly concentrate on prevention, early intervention and disease treatment. In addition, we have also found efficient and innovative solutions to monitor a person’s overall health in order to detect diseases or other conditions and help to cure, treat or prevent it.real money casino Our services are expected to continue to grow at a steady pace within a significantly more rigorous international regulatory environment.

Founded in 1988, Calypte is a pioneer in non-blood-based HIV antibody testing. We’re the first and only company to earn approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a urine-based HIV-1 antibody-screening test and supplemental Western blot.Today, our Aware™ family of rapid oral fluid HIV tests offers unrivalled HIV 1/2 testing flexibility in a non-laboratory setting.

Calypte is also the licensed manufacturer of a quantitative enzyme immunoassay developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that can discriminate between recent and established HIV-1 infections. Designed for use in epidemiology, the Aware™ BED™ EIA is a practical way to determine HIV-1 incidence (the rate of new infections). Because it uses cross-sectional rather than longitudinal sampling and is based on direct biomarker evaluation, the BED EIA can provide incidence information much more rapidly than traditional methods such as cohort studies.  Since its introduction in 2004 (formerly under the name BED HIV-1 Incidence EIA), the Aware™ BED™ EIA has gained widespread favor with government institutions and HIV intervention programs worldwide as a tool for better allocating resources, measuring program success and targeting HIV hot spots.

Working through a network of national and regional distributors Calypte continues to broaden the reach of its products. We plan to launch a new line of rapid HIV antibody tests in the United States and other developed nations using a novel lateral flow platform technology and we remain committed to bringing new products to developing regions where the need is acute for accurate, innovative HIV testing methods.

To meet this demand with maximum quality and efficiency, we’ve added manufacturing capacity through a contract with an ISO-certified manufacturer in Thailand and a cGMP certified manufacturer in the USA.

Publicly held, Calypte trades on the OTCBB under the symbol “CBMC.”