In a rapidly changing market, Gulf Access has become one of the leading platforms for many start-up entrepreneurs and investors providing a wide range of business investment opportunities and business proposals. We have a highly experienced team of finance experts and professional advisors who are fully adept in guiding companies through crucial transactions at each phase of the business life-cycle, which include capital raising, deal sourcing, mergers & acquisitions (M&As), and joint ventures. In addition, we are also providing block trading services through our network where sell-side firms can have access to large size of stocks via the non-promoter category and execute block trades.  

At Gulf Access, our ultimate mission is to deliver sustainable financial returns for our partners by offering advice on all aspects of the transactions from conception through to completion. Over the years, we have established strong mutually supportive relationships working on some of the highly reputed Group of companies across diverse industries including:

  1. Oil and Gas
  2. Coal Trading and Acquisition of Mines
  3. Energy Conventional and Renewable
  4. IT / IT Enabled Services / Logistics
  5. Pharma / Life sciences
  6. Media / Entertainment / Telecom
  7. Textiles / Cement / Metals / Commodities
  8. Food / Retail / FMCG
  9. Banking / Financial Services
  10. Real Estate / Property / Infrastructure / Hospitality

During the foundation of Gulf Access, our core values were driven by an in-depth understanding of your business and market, as well as delivering maximum value and innovative financing solutions. Since our inception, we have consolidated our efforts to establish knowledge of the market, active acquirers, prospective investors and global opportunities within our scope.

Over the years we have focused heavily on building knowledge of the market, potential investors, active acquirers and international opportunities within each of our chosen sectors. Our professional contacts, particularly within our international network, ensure that we have access to the latest intelligence about recent deals, major players and potential opportunities within these sectors. By working closely with our valuable customers, rest assured that we always deliver a work of excellence and professionalism at its highest standards by using our industry knowledge and strong expertise.



Block trading essentially is a large size of stock traded in a single print.

Advantages of Block trading

The buyer can build a large position at a single price.

Types of Block trades

Typically there are 3 categories of Buyers & Sellers

1.  Promoters (Founder of company)

2.  Institutions (Mutual funds, Foreign institution)

3.  Non promoter & Non institutions (UHNI investors, Trust, Family offices, Bank & Co-operate Treasuries)

Our Role in Block Trading

Typically most large size of shares are held by promoters, Institutions & non promoters. But through our network, we have access to large size of stocks through non promoter category (types mentioned in the slide 1).

One could view us as a sell sides broker, but we do not execute any trades at our end. So from the Buyers side, no fee or commission is to be paid to us. Buyers could use platforms such Goldman Sacs, BoAMF, Citi and the likes to execute the trade (our preferred names is Goldman Sacs).

Con calls with the management, direct one on one meetings with the

CFO, CEO and the promoters can be arranged as needed.

Two ways to work

A.  We already have database of stocks in which we have sellers in a non promoter category, which can be offered.

B.  If there is any interest in a certain stock, we can help you to source a large size seller in that stock.